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FSC (Halifax) Ltd
Grantham House
Grantham Road

FSC (Halifax) Ltd


Here are a small selection of our products that have been supplied from our own Foundry, Pattern Shop and Machining facility in Halifax.

  • Lift Parts
  • Lift Spares
  • Elevators
  • Elevator Equipment
  • Divertor
  • Guide Shoes
  • Counterbalance Weights
  • Motor Couplings
  • Drive Sheaves
  • Test Weights
  • Round Guide Shoes
  • Rim Type Sheave
  • Counterweights (Lead and Cast Iron)
  • Hand Winding Wheels

Here are just some of the manufacture types.

  • Evans
  • Express
  • Hammond and Champness
  • Keighley
  • Kone
  • Otis
  • Pickerings
  • Thyssen
  • Wadsworth

Dimension sheets

A full range of blank data sheets are available for you to easily measure your product and we can both quote and manufacture from the information on these data sheets.  Please contact us if you require a set for your next site visit. Here are a few samples.

Rim Type Sheaves

Boss Type Sheave

Boss Type Divertor

Motor Coupling 1

Motor Coupling 2

Round Guide Shoes

Hand Winding Wheels

Counter Balance Weights

Wadsworth Template

Here are some images of our end products. Click on the image for a full screen view.

image1 image9 image5 image3 image10
image6 image2 image8 image7 image4